Blobimals - turn putty into monsters! Make 'em, admire 'em, squash 'em and start again!

Blobimals in green
Blobimals - monster making, putty moulding fun in a pocket-sized tub!

Take that super shiny putty and squeeze it and squash it into your monster's body. Then add feet, claws, eyes and horns to create your own unique monster. Go on, take a photo of it and show it to your friends!

Then, leave your bug-eyed monster overnight and in the morning, it'll be nothing but a pool of slime - amazing! Grab the slime, squish it, stretch it, bounce it like a ball if you like, and it's ready to go all over again. For the mums and dads, it's non-toxic, non-sticky, reusable, washable and does not stain.

Blobimals are available from for a budget-frinedly £7.95, or from - grab yours today.

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