AnySharp knife sharpener - perfect Christmas gift for cooks


If there's one thing that really annoys me when I'm cooking, it's a blunt knife. I hate having to pick up three or four knives to find one sharp enough to slice a tomato, let alone tackle a chicken, all because the other half has used the knives to open cardboard boxes or plastic wrappings and dulled the blades.

Time to grab the AnySharp knife sharpener. Just take this tiny but clever knife sharpener, place it on your kitchen worktop, flip the lever to stick down the suction cup, and you're ready to restore your knives to super-sharp status.

Take a knife, swipe it through the AnySharp two or three times, wipe the blade clean of any minute shavings, and you can get on with chopping, cutting, dicing, slicing or peeling with a knife that actually works - hoorah!

It really is that easy. And it doesn't matter if the knife is serrated or not, the AnySharp will bring almost any blade back to pristine cutting condition. Just don't let the other half use it on the lawn mower blades...

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Discover more about the AnySharp knife sharpener at my Squidoo lens page.