Home Appliances for Xmas 2010

Bosch Dishwasher
Buy now, save stress later
All I want for Xmas 2011 Is... A Bosch Dishwasher
OK, it may not be the most glamourous of gifts, but trust us, when the hordes descend for Christmas dinner, you'll be so glad you have a decent dishwasher that's not Uncle Norman in a plastic apron.

The Bosch Exxcel AquaStar SMS63E12GB dishwasher is a smart, sleek, quality Bosch dishwater, that will wash up to 13 place settings with just using just 7 litres of water, and not moan that it's missing the "Dr Who" Xmas special.

Which? magazine rated the Bosch SMS63E12GB freestanding dishwasher as their Best Buy, reprting that: "The Bosch SMS63E12GB freestanding dishwasher takes water saving to a new level and delivers good dishwashing and excellent energy efficiency into the bargain… Water saving, energy saving, innovative design, good dishwashing."

Why the Bosch SMS63E12GB dishwasher is so water-efficient
Every time you use the dishwasher, the machine stores the water from the final rinse cycle in a special reservoir. Next time you run your Bosch Exxcel AquaStar, the dishwasher uses that stored water to give your dirty plates their first rinse, to knock off stubborn food.
If you don't use the machine for a while, the water drains off automatically.

The Bosch Exxcel AquaStar SMS63E12GB dishwasher offers superb dishwashing with user-friendly programmes and simple controls. As with all Bosch appliances, the build quality of the SMS63E12GB dishwasher is excellent, making it an ideal choice for the harressed Christmas party hostess or busy mum alike.