Meerkat Chatimal


Chatimals are a range of high quality plush toys that will delight anyone who loves meerkats (or talking!), and you can even join the Chatimals Club at their website. A Meerkat chatimal is your chatty meerkat friend that repeats whatever you say to him (or her). Give their little paws a squeeze and just chatter away - anything they hear will be spoken back to you. This may prove infuriating if you're trying to argue with one of the little fellas, but chances are you'll be unable to resist chatting to them all day long.

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Yes, really, ORDER NOW! Despite being one of the top Xmas toys in 2010, these furry chatterboxes are still flying off the shelves faster than you can say Aleksandr Orlov (or Sergei). So, we've provided lots of links to where to buy your meerkats Chatimal for this Christmas.

Thanks to the continued popularity of those insurance adverts, meerkats gifts of all sorts are very popular presents. We've expanded our Meerkats Toys & Gifts website throughout 2011 to include all sorts of gifts, from toys to ties, adoption kits to DVDs, garden ornaments to guitar picks!

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